Our mission is to uplift the hearts of young girls

By creating a platform for ongoing support and connection, Heart Linked encourages girls to strengthen relationships, build confidence and use their voice.  

Together, We Are the Change


Heart Linked is a space for all girls. Inclusive and warm, our relational and collaborative approach helps everyone find their place of belonging.


Each girl is encouraged to see physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellness as part of their life journey. Growth is nurtured through self-awareness and mindful living skills. 


A steady sense of self is developed through experiences, reflection and self-expression. Cultural and community connectedness are explored as elements of the unique story that each girl has to tell.


Our youth are our leaders of tomorrow. Heart Linked aspires to see girls recognize the power in their voices and in their spirits to create the change they want to see.

Heart Linked History

Founded in 2017, Heart Linked grew out of a desire to make a difference in the lives of youth.

To date, seven communities have experienced specialized, in-person retreat programming. The communities of La Ronge, La Loche, and Sandy Bay have experienced the impact of this programming. The community of Pinehouse is now collaborating with the team at Heart Linked to create a virtual program that can be offered to a greater number of communities across the province, and provide a platform for ongoing connection.

Our Team

Together with community leaders, we are designing retreats and online programming for young girls in the spirit of collaboration and connectedness.  

Cathy Edwards


Shelley Kavia